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What is involved to create the best looking websites?

What do businesses seeking web design in Brisbane, in south east Queensland and throughout Australia have in common? Answer: Everyone wants the best looking website to stand out from their competitors!

So let’s break it down to go through the requirements whether you are going to tackle your own business website design or engage with a professional website designer.

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Web Design with Purpose!

Perhaps the biggest consideration (and where the bulk of people go wrong) is aesthetics vs function. So what do we mean by this? In a lot of cases, business owners who don’t possess digital marketing knowledge often get wowed by websites which look fantastic with big imagery and videos but do very little to address the functional requirements of their online presence. Similarly there are local web designers who get so focused on things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they forget about the user experience and end up with a web design that, while highly functional, is less than appealing.

Given we have to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality, consider:

Call to Actions (CTA’s)

One question that must be considered and addressed on every website is the following.

What action do you want your customer (or website visitor) to take once they land on your site? A good web design business will actually start with this question prior to even presenting you with a proposal. Do you want phone calls? Email enquiries? Joining a mailing list? Making a purchase online? Whatever you decide, make sure this call to action is listed in multiple areas throughout your site.


Don’t make the mistake of writing reams of information for the sake of it! Ensure your content is relevant, concise and addresses a need for your customer.

Your information throughout your site also needs to contain relevant keywords to ensure your new web design has the best SEO to be found by your potential customers


Consider a minimalist web design whereby the elements of your site are created around your content.

i.e Let it breathe!

Whilst images and videos look great, don’t let them be a distraction to the message you are trying to communicate to your potential customers. Consider using lighter backgrounds with large text to really drive home your message!


If you ever get to talk to some wordpress designers, ask them the importance of the time it takes for a website to load.  You will pretty quickly get an appreciation for the right information being delivered at the right time, as users are impatient and spoiled for choice. If your site is taking more than 3-6 seconds to load, you could be in trouble – that ‘back’ button is all too tempting for users!   

Also, given most people are attached to their devices, ensure your site has been appropriately optimized for all devices including tablets and mobile phones. There is nothing worse than being on a mobile phone and seeing website content all scrambled because someone hasn’t considered mobile phone usage. 

Whilst there is a lot more to take into account, addressing these considerations will ensure you are well on your way to the best  Australian web design for your business to gain more customers.