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Web Design & Your Business – Things to Know

Thinking of updating that homepage design or need to create a business website design from scratch? Like many activities and projects in life, pre-planning is absolutely critical to a great outcome when it comes to web design. As a business owner or operator, you need to consider a number of core business concepts, particularly around your customer prior to undertaking the the activities to design a website or carrying out a  website redesign.

Considering your customer during web design

Customers come in many shapes and forms and have different buying patterns – whether it is walking into a store or making an online transaction for your products and services. Spend some time asking yourself these questions:

  • Who is my ideal customer and what could they be looking for on google? (Sometimes external help to have a better understanding of your customer can be really beneficial – if you think you may need some assistance, we can help)
  • What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? Hint – the thing setting you apart from competitors
  • Have you planned your main call to action? Hint – what do you want your customers to do when they get to your site?

Web design company vs freelance web designer vs going it alone

Sometimes this feels like the hardest decision of all when it comes to web design – at the end of the day, our answer is this: pick the one that is right for you!

Web Design Brendale

Business is often about data but sometimes you need to trust your gut.

Don’t make your decision based solely on price and also take into consideration factors like rapport and perceived level of trust that the web development agency or freelance web designer really understands your business and what you are trying to achieve. Generally the red flags look something like the fact they aren’t asking questions about your business and are trying to give you a standard eCommerce funnel or template, so be wary!

Thinking of going it alone? There are some wonderful resources out there to design a website. The key consideration here for you is time. Do you have the capacity to be out of the operations of your business to learn, understand and implement key web design and search engine optimisation skills which will provide a high ranking site to secure more leads? If you aren’t sure, give us a quick call for a no-obligation chat around what to expect and whether this is the right approach for you.

So what is the key to an effective, yet simple website design?

To recap, ensure you:

  1. Take the time to really understand your customer
  2. Ensure you are really clear on the purpose and goals you are looking to achieve with your website.
  3. Select the right method to bring your website to life.

We can help provide you with the tools to carry out your own site build or carry out the work on your behalf – contact us to find out more.